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Employer Services

  • Ontario’s workers’ compensation system is complicated, and dealing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board can be difficult and time consuming.
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Our services include:

  • Auditing Accident Cost Statements with a goal of identifying cost savings.
  • Managing and monitoring of all claims from start to finish in order to keep costs as low as possible.
  • Evaluating and helping with return to work program development (Workplace Transition) and claims management systems.
  • Preparing appeals and representing employers at all levels of the appeals process by licensed paralegals.
  • Advising on and resolving complex claims.
  • Advocating with WSIB contacts.
  • Training by employer-designated onsite compensation specialists.

Managing The WSIB Process:

The best possible outcomes for the employer and the worker are achieved if:

  • The worker’s medical condition is identified and treated early.
  • A clear understanding of the issues and the process is communicated to the WSIB before a decision is made.
  • The worker is confident of the employer’s interest and competence in protecting the worker’s health.
  • The worker and the employer provide accurate and relevant workplace information to the WSIB at the outset.
  • The issues in dispute are identified and resolved before proceeding with costly appeals.
  • The worker returns to work after an injury as early and as safely as possible.

The Benefits:

Working with Accidents Matter protects your bottom line. The WSIB consultants at Accidents Matter help you:

  • Understand your risks
  • Maintain a skilled workforce
  • Prevent and save WSIB costs
  • Save frustration and stress
  • Minimize decision delays
  • Improve employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Give your company a competitive advantage
  • Save time

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